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Corona Airport and Prado Dam

I keep an eye on the  water level behind Prado Dam because my hangar is in a flood zone. The west end of the runway (aka the deep end) is at 517 msl.

Prado Water Elevation Data in Spread Sheet Format

Plot last 10 days of water level behind Prado Dam.

Plot last 24 hours of water level behind Prado Dam.

Santa Ana Basin map elevation.

Santa Ana Basin map of precipitation in last 24 hours.

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This Weather RADAR site is up on my computer anytime it's raining ! Put your zip code in for the weather RADAR site nearest you. Animate the frames and zoom in.  This is a great tool.

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Hands down, my vote for the best aviation weather site on the internet goes to Dan Checkoway's for Weathermeister. This site is simple to use and color coded. Weather at a glance !

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Our Bellanca Super Viking site can be found here . A lot of fun places to go in an airplane,

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My Dogs

This is a very outdated dog website but it still draws a lot of traffic so I keep it up. What's a Flat-coated Retriever?  I just wish I was half the person my dog thinks I am!


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